8ft Custom Tension Fabric Backdrop Wall For Tradeshows


After submitting an order you’ll be prompted to upload custom graphics for your product. Your graphics will need to conform to the downloadable templates below. Click the link to download the templates to your computer.

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Template



8ft Custom Tension Fabric Backdrop Wall For Tradeshows

The simple design of the 8ft frame is custom made for exhibitors with a 10ft x 10ft booth. It’s the most economical tradeshow backdrop on the market! This simple display allows your custom printed artwork to stand out at your tradeshow, convention, or as a long-term advertisement fixture. Our line of displays is known for its lightweight construction and general portability, and has been engineered for easy assembly. This display has larger push pins and thicker tubes for easy handling. This model requires only 1 person for setup and takes about 15 minutes. This display can be checked onto some airlines, but will most likely require an overweight fee. Please be sure to check with your airline for regulations and fees.
After checkout, you’ll be emailed simple instructions for uploading custom graphics. Before printing, our team will review your graphics and let you know if changes need to be made before production begins.